Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Great Book!

This week I received Kate Haxell's book, The Stitch Bible in the mail. My craft book club ran a sale last month, four books for $40...and I just can't pass up great books for ten bucks each. The first three were easy for me to pick...but the fourth took a while. And, frankly...I had not heard of Kate Haxell before, but was intrigued by the blackwork bird on the cover.
 So, my expectations were not high for the book, I just hoped it would not be a total loss of ten bucks.
Wow, was I in for a surprise! This might be one of the best books I own! It is certainly is one that will be used, and often.
First, because it covers several different types of stitching...embroidery, hardanger, crewelwork, goldwork, pulled thread, canvaswork, and drawn thread. Second, because it has great photographs of the process for each, tons of stitch examples, and a project for each type of stitching.
It also includes a section on getting started...threads, fabrics, hoops, etc. And at the back of the book are the charts and templates, lists of suppliers, and a full index.
So many ideas...so little time!
I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys stitching!

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