Friday, August 17, 2012

Aren't Friends Wonderful!

Pam, my stitching buddy, came to visit yesterday. "I'm not working today, and thought I'd go to Hobby Lobby. Do you want to go?"

uh....YES! Of course!

But before we left she gifted me with lovely hairly yards. These will make great plant life for under the sea type crazy quilt or landscape blocks!

And, a huge stack of out of print needlework magazines!
It was hard to leave these...even for shopping!

Picked up a new hole punch (1/16th size for templates) in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby. Then some headbands for Aidan in the beads section. I had to close my eyes and not even walk down the bead aisle...cause I just am overflowing with beads as it is!
Yes, it was hard to pass them up!

In the wedding supplies and glassware...found Aidan a mirror compact, some "A" napkins, and a perfume decanter. Napkins were a buck...and the other two were five bucks each! These are now hidden until her birthday in November!

Went to the pet store, where Mr. Buddy also got a gift!

Next, we stopped off at the Center of Hope donation store...and it was blue tag day. Everything with a blue tag was 99 cents! So, found several fancy dresses for Aidan to use playing dress-up. Everything I get for dress-up gets turned inside-out and put into the washing machine; then the dryer on low heat. If it makes it out okay...then it is used. If not, it goes into the trash. You'd be surprised how many gowns (even wedding gowns) laundry just fine!

And last, to the mall! Found two lovely headbands with fancy adornments...that the Diva will love!

It was a good day!
Great friends, super shopping!

We also had time to stop off and visit with Ms. Francis, our third part of the pal trio...who has been under the weather lately. It was great to just have some time to sit and chat with "grownups"! Glad you're feeling better Francis...and hope that you are strong enough to go shopping next time! Hugs!


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