Saturday, August 25, 2012

CQJP - July

Yeah! I'm caught August. Now, if I can get the next block done in seven days...I'll be back on schedule! Ha!
 These white blocks are not any fun for my muse...who complains every month for the last three months! I've got to get her motivated...but fear that I'm overworking her with baby quilts, baby blankets, bibs, and a christening dress...all for my two nieces new babies. My muse needs a rest...or a new challenge! And, she does not want it to be all white! Yikes! (I did sneak in some very faint velvet cording on the lily with very, very faint shades of green and pink in the white)
 The Crazy Quilt Journal Project is my concept and so I think of the challenge as a project "for myself". This is a dangerous prospective...cause I always push my own projects to the back burner to finish things for others first. And I've let completion of my blocks slide to the last thing ...or almost last thing...on my list to get done. I need a swift kick in the get my mojo back! Anyone willing to offer one up?
 Ouch, that one hurts...woe...not so fast! Hey, don't crowd...there is plenty of butt for everyone to kick! Okay, no pushing....Yikes, I've started a real problem here!

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