Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Pillow - almost done...

Well, if you paid attention yesterday...you'll note that I have (again) changed my mind. Got to thinking about that upholstry fabric that I used for the outside strips...and that I should have made a little pillow for my niece, since it would match her nursery. But, my little niece would need an "E" and not an "A" for her pillow. So, I un-sewed the pieces....and found another floral cotton print for Aidan. It goes just as well...maybe even a little better...with the gold of the applique monogram.
Yes, my cutting table IS piled high with stuff...so stop looking at the top of this photo. Hugs!
 Next, it's time to get the monogram stitched down...with a basic applique stitch. Here is the gold silk thread I mentioned. It is distributed by Clover...and I've had it for years. I love working with it.
 Applique can be done in or out of a hoop. I like out of hoop when there aren't several layers to sew through. But, for this project; I'm just going to do a two-motion stitch and work in the hoop.
My first stitch is to come up from underneath...making sure that my needle goes up into the applique and comes out at the edge of the letter...not on top...at the edge where the fabric bends to turn under.
 Then, I go back down through the layers...with the point of my needle slightly under the applique letter. Not next to it, I don't want a vertical needle...I want it under the edge. Then, when I tug on the thread...it will cause the fabric to slightly roll under, hiding my stitch. You can click on these photos to enlarge, and see better.
See here?...I started at the center bottom of the post of the "A"...and have done a few stitches up the right side...but, they can scarcely be seen. Of course, the matching thread color does help...but it is not the key to the stitch...it's the position of the needle coming out of the applique and going back into the background.
 Note: A good way to practice is to take a circular shaped applique piece and a high contrasting background (like a black applique piece and a white background). Use another contrasting color in thread to do your stitching. You will really learn to perfect your stitch by seeing what you are doing. And, when you can applique a black circle to a white background with red thread...and not see the stitches...you'll have a near perfect (there really isn't a PERFECT anything) applique technique. Don't believe it can be done...well, it can...and when I get the time...I'll prove it. Hugs!)
 Okay, here is the letter all appliqued down. Next is to embroidery the stem and leaves.
 The stemstitch is used to create the stem...and I'm using #5 perle cotton this time because I want the stem to have some volume since the design is a large scale. I thought about couching some green cording down; but I like to do the stemstitch.
 Next the leaves...yes, these are yet "another" set done in fly stitch. I can't help it...I just love this stitch for leaves. These beautiful real stone beads are such a rich red...they are really pretty. I added them to the center of the woven roses because I liked them so much.
 And, after weaving the 13mm dark red ribbon this is the finished embroidery monogram. 
 Next, will be adding some lace...
 and I think two layers will be good...
 Won't this be pretty when completed. I'm sure that Aidan will enjoy it. So, I'm off to the sewing machine to stitch down the lace.

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