Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm in Organizational Hell....

Okay, I know you are my, you'll understand if I just open my mouth...and SCREAM! There, I do feel better...oh, sorry...should have warned you sooner. That earache should clear up soon...I hope.
 But, It just had to be done. 

See my suitcase...of course you do. But, notice that it is not full of clothes. That's another suitcase...which has not even been thought about much yet. That's today's task...
This suitcase is the result of the last couple of days work.
You see, I have two very enjoyable trips planned. At least, they will be enjoyable once I have actually departed for them. But, the preparing just is a royal pain in my backside...all of the organizing!
My first trip is to Branson, MO by way of Tupelo, MS...a two day driving adventure with the final destination being a wonderful Retreat with 60 great quilting cyber friends. Some of them are ladies that I have not yet met in person, while others were in attendance at prior retreats. I am looking forward to hugging each and every one of them!
One thing that will happen during the retreat...a very small that a few of us will open our "boutiques shops" to the others for some retail therapy! Of course, I have my books and patterns to sale...but am also taking the excess stock from my Etsy Shoppe. Each item needed to have price tags attached (took forever!)...and packaged so that it would not be damaged in the trip...hence all of the cardboard boxes in the suitcase.
I'm pooped! 
Now, this photo is for my next trip. After returning from the Retreat...I have the extreme pleasure of traveling back to the great state of Mississippi to visit with twenty lovely quilt guild members for a Silk Ribbon Embroidery Class. This will be my second time to share with this very hospitable group...and I had such a great time the first visit...that I'm just so excited about seeing them all again.
For the past couple of weeks...I've been measuring and cutting ribbon for class kits, finishing up the full-color 15 page instruction booklet so it could get to the printer while I'm on Retreat...and just making sure that I have all the extra supplies needed for the class too. My three stack boxes are filled with kits and extra threads and ribbon. Again, I'm pooped!
So, there isn't much stitching getting done...and my muse is tired of attaching labels to stuff! 
Thought you might want to know what's happening...
now, I'm off to start sorting through my clothes and getting yet another suitcase packed!
Hope I can find enough matching socks!

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