Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peacock - Beginning

Okay...first...I'm really loosing it! I just realized that I posted this to the CQJP Blog last night, instead of to my own blog. Geez! Can you tell I have way too many things going on right now!!
Anyway, here is the post...sorry if you got it from the 2012CQJP blog as well (until I just deleted it that is).
I'm starting a new project. Yeah, no surprise muse is always working on something! I'm the one that is too tired to keep up! She wants to do a project with loads of bling again...some embroidery, probably in rayon for the shine...and loads of beads, crystals, and sequins...and a peacock is what she has in mind. So, I spend a few hours yesterday working on the body...just to keep her quiet. Next...the tail...which will really require me to concentrate...and that will just have to I'm working to get silk ribbon kits packaged for a class the first part of October. Measuring, cutting, wrapping, stuffing tiny baggies and not really much fun...but has to be done. However, my muse doesn't seem to understand that these things HAVE to occur...and only wants to play. So, she side-tracked me....again!

But, as always...I love to hear your would you consider creating from this style of pattern?

Not sure when I'll be back to finishing this work on the actual tail feathers...and might change the body when I do...but, right now...I'm thinking that fully beaded is the way to go for the body...but, my muse has been know to totally change her, we will just have to wait and see. You know, redwork would also be good...and a lot faster. But, I sure do love all the shine of beads and sequins...decisions, decisions. 

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