Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a Day!

Okay, I'm not complaining...frankly, it doesn't do any good. And, I have no if you want to just move on, I'll understand. But, I just have to share the most horrible day! Okay, that's a bit I can think of thousands of things that would make yesterday even MORE, forgive me. But, it was just a crappy day...and what's worse...totally of my own doing!
First off...the day started okay. I was planning to drive uptown to pay some bills. No isn't far, and I only had a few chores along the way. Mother asked me to pay her cable bill and her furniture store bill. We live in a small town, and still have some retail shops that sale on credit...not credit cards...the old time, sign a contract kind of credit. She is working to pay off her new recliner...not that that is information you need, just sharing. So, anyway...I go into the cable company and give them Mom's bill and her check...then I give them my bill and my problem. Then, off to the furniture store...same thing...her check and then my check (my purchase is a double recliner for Aidan and I, if you are wondering). No to the grocery store...pick up a few things...then back home.
Walked up on the front porch and handed Mother her is where the fun begins.
"Kathy, you gave the cable company the wrong check." "No, I didn't (I gave them the one attached to the cable bill)." "Yes, you receipt from the furniture company is the same amount as my bill for the cable company." "What? Oh crap! Did I?" "Yep, you better run back up there and fix it." I go company first, have to get back the check to the cable company.
Thanks...I'll be back in a minute with the right check. Off to the cable company...they had already stamped the back of the check for deposit. "Crap, the furniture company can't use this check now." Called Mother... "Write another check to the furniture company, and I'll be home in a minute to pick it I've already told them that I'd be back there today." "Okay, no problem...I'll meet you in the driveway." Off I go...
get new check...back to furniture store...and then back home.
"Whew, I'm tired" "How are the beans that you were going to cook today?" "Crap, I forgot to turn them on, they've been soaking in water since last night...but are not going to get done, if I don't turn the stove on".
So...upstairs I go...rinse the beans, cover with water and turn on the stove.
Better, get on the laptop and check email and record the packages just mailed at the post office.
Stirred the beans, make a sandwich...back to the computer.
Working on a class...and have you guessed the next part yet...Yep. Smell to the kitchen (okay, I walked really fast)...and smoke was boiling out of the pan. Burnt the beans to a crisp! And, maybe ruined my best bean pot in the process! Geez!
Didn't get any stitching done...too disgusted with myself and my sat down last night at around eight to watch some television. Nothing on worth my time...eyes too tired from computer work all day to stitch...and I didn't want to go to bed yet. So, picked up my Kindle Fire and starting watching some Netflix shows I had downloaded. (recommend the British television series "Merlin" highly) thing I knew, I had watched back-to-back episodes...and it was 2:30 AM!!! Yikes! Laid down for what seemed like a minute. Woke up, at 0915 a.m. ....late start...dressed, and took Buddy outside. Was not out there for more than five minutes...and the lady from the dog groomers drove pick up Buddy for his bath today. (Yes, she comes to my house and gets him...because we live on the route she takes to go to work anyway. Isn't she nice...I think so too.) I had not even combed my hair yet.
So, here I day is already half over...and I'm tired...and have a smelly house still from the burnt beans yesterday...
So, that's why I don't have anything to post other than my sorry, will try to do better tomorrow..but, my muse says not to "promise" cause she is still keeping her head low!

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