Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Just a short note, to let you all know that I'm back home. Tired...tired...tired...but oh, what a wonderful tired it is! I had a marvelous time with about 60 other quilting ladies from the HGTV Message Board. My "hotel" was a condo...with full living room and kitchen. My roommates were Jane, Pandi, and Linda...and they were all just the best. Linda was our chauffeur and Pandi helped out there too...Jane was our chef...and Linda and I were sometimes meager cooks. We ate well...and we laughed a lot. When we were not in our own space...we were in the main meeting room with all of our other quilting friends. It was just such a great time. Out of courtesy to my friends...I did not take a single photo of anyone. And, like me...almost all of us never even took the makeup bag out of our suitcase! It was glorious!
Next year, we will be gathering again...in June...this time, it will be in Amish Country in Pennsylvania. I'm sure that trip will be memorable too!
I hope to get some much needed rest tonight...and perhaps sometime tomorrow, after unpacking...I'll get some photos of the embroidery blocks I managed to actually finish this week!

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