Friday, October 12, 2012

Sachets Anyone?

Sometimes, when I don't want to stitch...I'll go over to the Archives site and just look around for interesting books. Today, I found one that I'm really enjoying called Needle and Brush, published by the Butterick Publishing Co, 1889. (same as Butterick patterns today?, I think so). 
One of the many things that caught my attention was the different kinds of sachets and pin cushions discussed. The little sachets would be great I think for tucking into dresser drawers, lockers, or looping over a few coat hangers in a closet. The filling could be simple enough...a little polyfill and some bath salts...scented of course! Especially during the upcoming winter months...when everything seems to just get stale!
 And the pincushions could be made into sachets as well. Thinking that I might have to make a few of these!
 Here is even a closeup of the little bird on the pincushion above.
Looks like satin stitch, fly stitch, and back stitch mostly...

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