Friday, October 19, 2012


Time to stitch on the christening gown. I have a general plan in mind...and it lasted a whole 15 minutes!
The initials and bow were going to be done in shadow embroidery. I wanted a color that was dark enough to be seen slightly through the fabric from the back...and settled on a tan/gray sort of color that I had in perle. Started to stitch...and this mess is the result....
  ...yep, it's pretty horrible. The perle is just not the right thread for this job!
Way too bulky...and obviously too large for the smaller initials. So, it has to be floss...and maybe should be a "faux" shadow applique....backstitch on top nice and neat...then wrap the backside in a slightly darker color. So, the perle gets picked out...and let the back-stitching begin!...
 Yuck! Not happy with this either! Not at all maybe another plan is needed. Stem stitch? I love stem stitch. And, I could use the darker color too! Yes, stem stitch...
Well, I do like the stem stitch. But, when I get to the smaller letters...the perle will be too over-powering for them. Another color? No...So, it's back to floss. Haven't I done this once already??
So, this is the plan...stem stitch fill. I've stitch two lines so far...and am liking it pretty well. Now to decide how to transition to fill that vertical part of the "T"???

Do you ever have days when you REALLY need to get a project underway...but, it just will not cooperate? Ah,...perhaps tomorrow will bring better stitching results.


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