Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time to Pay the Piper!

Well, my carefree life has caught up with me! Ha!...yeah, right!
Well...sort of. My cholesterol numbers are too is my, I have to get them down. I do not want to do the "pill a day", will try to do my own thing and loose some of this weight. 
First to whole milk. So sad. But, I'm drinking 2%...and after a few days, have no issue with it anymore. Switching to 1% will be harder I suspect...but will do that in a few days/weeks...when I get my nerve up. First, we'll see if I can make other changes and not have to go there. You know how I love my milk!
Found this little container of chopped tomatoes, onions, and a slight bit of cilantro in Walmart yesterday. I added a half of teaspoon of sugar, a pkg (2 cups) of fresh raspberries, and a teaspoon of create a Raspberry Chutney...which is wonderful. (Of course, you can just chop up a large tomato, some onion, and cilantro too...but this was cheaper...faster...and could be used before I left town). Then, on top of the spinach leaves..add a few baby tomatoes, some grapes, 1/2 cup of the chutney...and four almonds for protein...and my lunch is born! And, there are still enough do the same lunch for two more saving money too!
Change of subject...sorta...Lentils. Have you ever cooked lentils? My daughter and I went to Lowes...then to the CPAP place for the new mask...and then to Walmart looking for lentils. Lentils are supposed to be very good to eat and lower your LDL numbers. That good...but I have never cooked them we'll see how that goes next week...after I get back from Mississippi. I'm pretty sure I can't put bacon or fat-back in them for seasoning...and still get the benefits (LOL) thinking maybe some garlic? onion? to flavor...if you cook these...what do you use?
 My grocery cart included...some fresh baby spinach, some almonds, fresh fruits, a very dense low calorie and high fiber bread, and some 90 calorie snack bars. Doctor says eat at least five times a day...and that is harder than you think...and keep everything balanced. But, so, the last week...I've managed to loose four pounds...without really trying. Just changing a few things in my daily my milk. And cutting down on the butter on my toast...still doing a little jelly.
So, I have good hopes to make this happen..but, you know me..I have to research...make a plan...and a way to track my progress. So, a little thinking is in order...then, it's a full scale attack!!
I also found a good way to count the calories...and it is helping me to figure out my menu for the day...but, I'd like a quicker way. If you have a good one let me know please. My site right now is a Government one...from the USDA. It is called Super Tracker...and I make my profile, and go and create my menu...and it tells me the calories I'll be consuming...and what food groups they belong to. So, I can get less of this...and more of meet the recommended daily needs to keep everything balanced. I'm thinking that this might help to keep be from being hungry...or craving something. 
BTW, the amounts and ingredients in my salad total 553 calories. When I include the milk, bread, snacks, and breakfast, dinner plans...I'm at a whopping 1187 calories...under my goal of 1200. So, repeating this menu for today...and tomorrow. Then, it's "on the road again"...more about menus next week perhaps.

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