Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Sidewalk in Paris?

 Cathy's block came this week...and the stitching already there is, I'm checking it all out. The light purple piece in the center area, reminds me of a sidewalk. Hmmm...okay, why not...a sidewalk in Paris...with some edging. Maybe a flower bed of some-sort? A poodle walking? The green and cream center piece would be an outdoor cafe? A table and chairs? Hmmm...we shall see. (In the photo...I've already begun...before thinking to get y'all a photo...sorry.)

I began the sidewalk trim...with some "X's" wide and narrow.
Then some cast on stitches to cover the wide sections. This part of the seam was in the Country Bumpkin's book "A~Z of Embroidery Stitches 2". Form here on...we differ in our executions. Hugs!
 Added some tiny "+" at the small X intersections...hard to see.
Then some stacked seed beads to the outer edge to add a smidge of bling...
Oh...almost forgot...can you see that little bit of light purple along the edge? that is stemstitch...and I did it to hide the applique stitching. It added some texture too...without distracting from the other stitching.
What next?....only my muse knows! And, she is still so full of turkey, I'm not sure she is even fully awake yet!

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