Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whistle While You Work...

...that's what I'm trying to do today! Hectic pace all day so far...and last night! Yeah, I know...what else is new!
Working on two round robin blocks...Paris and the last block for FFT#22. The flower cart is done, will add some butterfly beads in the area of it...but the stitching is complete.
One seam is finished.
One more is in the works...
and the middle area floral/lace/trim frame is about 80% complete.
Only some basic work done on the FFT so far...but it has won't take long to finish.
Also got another embroidery motif design drawing finished in Illustrator last night, but more about on that later on.
Oh, talking about embroidery motifs...the calendar sales are going pretty well. I got a call from my littlest sister today. She purchased a calendar for herself and one for a friend...they arrived in the mail today. And, she loved it! Loved the embroidery designs and the cq pattern. How cool is that! She really called to see what I was cooking as my part of Thanksgiving dinner with the family (I'm doing the turkey BTW)...but began her call with "Hey sis...I got my calendar today...and love it!!"
My family usually just has a big fat yawn when I talk about it was a really cool thing that she make a point to tell me she liked the calendar. Made me feel like a proud big sister!
Tomorrow, I leave for a few days...and I am not yet packed! So, best run and get some clothes selected and make a list...and then double check it!

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