Tuesday, December 4, 2012


These little pin cushions are almost done. They may look finished, but I still have to do a little stitching around the bottom of most of them.
I'll list these on the Etsy site (whatever do I need with eight more pincushions...??)
These are my Muse's attempts to procrastinate...cause she does not want to stitch more draperies. She is in drapery hell! (and is such a whiner!)...
Thought you might like to see some stitching...so here are closeups of the seam stitching on the tops of the pin cushions.

  Of course, I'm using my own templates from my book for these...and adding beads, buttons, and sequins. Every bauble is stitched at least three times...so they won't "dangle" after loads of use. I added some crushed walnut shells to them so that they have some weight. They could be used as paperweights on a desk...instead of pin cushions too. (That's what I did with mine when I was working...and got loads of comments on it.)
Hope you are having a great day!


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