Thursday, January 3, 2013

Birds, birds, birds...

One really good thing about taking a break over the holidays, was that I got several small embroidery pieces done. So very relaxing! The fun didn't last but a few days, before my "life drama" kicked in again...but, it was long enough to make me realize that I can get a lot done if I just organize a little first. These little designs were from old patterns found on Flickr...and free. 
 Just go to and search for hand embroidery patterns...and you'll find tons of designs to stitch up! I traced a hand full of fun things on to some linen, and as I had some time (mostly in the evenings) one of them was hooped...and stitched. 
 Now, I just need more time to do more design tracing...because I've run out of things to stitch on quickly.  
 These little birds are all so cute!
 I don't have any specific plans for their use yet...but know that my muse will come up with an great idea...after she recovers from the holiday blues!
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