Thursday, January 3, 2013

Birds, birds, birds...

One really good thing about taking a break over the holidays, was that I got several small embroidery pieces done. So very relaxing! The fun didn't last but a few days, before my "life drama" kicked in again...but, it was long enough to make me realize that I can get a lot done if I just organize a little first. These little designs were from old patterns found on Flickr...and free. 
 Just go to and search for hand embroidery patterns...and you'll find tons of designs to stitch up! I traced a hand full of fun things on to some linen, and as I had some time (mostly in the evenings) one of them was hooped...and stitched. 
 Now, I just need more time to do more design tracing...because I've run out of things to stitch on quickly.  
 These little birds are all so cute!
 I don't have any specific plans for their use yet...but know that my muse will come up with an great idea...after she recovers from the holiday blues!


Grit said...

Wonderful birds.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Unknown said...

Kathy, they are so cute!!! :)
Happy New Year!!

Wendy said...

These little stitcheries are so precious!

Melody said...

Just love what you chose to stitch.

Barbara said...

Welcome back! Vacations are nice, but it is nice to see you back with all your great (and usually easy) ideas. I need to get some embroidery ready to stitch at my leisure instead of waiting till it is needed right now......

Thanks for sharing!