Friday, January 4, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, ....

I'm trying to sing a happy tune, but it's getting harder and harder...let me just share what's been happening around hear of late!
First, my Dear Daughter (DD) decided to move out of the house I own...where she has been "house sitting" for the past six move into another house with her boyfriend of two years. They will be about an hour away. The move will help the BF out, as it is his family home...and his grandmother can no longer live there alone. Long story...for another time perhaps. Bottom line...DD...and my darling Aidan will be an hour away from me. Right now, Aidan is still in school while DD gets all the paperwork shuffle completed with the schools. (Yes, she has waited until the last minute).
Second, DD has quit her job...this was back in the late fall. She wanted to "take a break", and had planned on going back to work after the New Years. (Yes, she is an optimist).
Third, DD went roller skating two weeks ago...fell...and hurt her hip. X-ray this week...and she has shattered a tiny bone at the base of her spine, next to her tailbone. So, is sitting on an inflated donut and getting little sleep. Therefore, no job hunting...for a while probably...AND, no moving since she can not lift. She can not even bend over to fill/empty a dishwasher. (Prayers for her health appreciated).
Fourth, my Dear Brother-in-Law (DBIL) lost his father to heart disease last autumn. His mother is having a real hard time making ends meet...and has been not getting her medications because of the cost. So, I agreed to let her live in the house ...and she needs to move in before 1 February. Which needs to be cleared of furniture and stuff, cleaned, and some painting and small maintenance jobs done! Yikes!
So....I'm in the process of packing up my daughter's things with the help of my Wonderful SIL, Tracy!
And...since everything except the bed at the house is all has to go somewhere! DD does not need or want much of it as her new house is fully furnished with EVERYTHING. Of course, even so, there is still a TON of personal items,shoes, clothes, toys, and stuff that is going with her anyway. So far, about five pickup loads...and we are just now seeing the light at the end of that tunnel!
Some more furniture moves out today...then she has still to figure out how to get her king size bed moved...another adventure for sure.
AND, then we get to clean (oh and repaint the living should see this color...yuck!)
So....please send me some strength...physical and mental help is appreciated!
Hugs! If you aren't doing anything...come on over...I've got plenty of tasks you can manage. Have a New Year's resolution to exercise more? I've got just the ticket!!

 I'll try to get some actual photos for you today...but just know, that every room in my own apartment is being reorganized (did the bedroom and laundry room 3 dressers could be added to that space). Working on the living room area this morning so a long dresser can go in comes up from Mothers...cause she is getting my double-recliner from the house.
It's all a domino effect!



Holee said...

Been there for months! I pity you because I know what it's like! This morning I got locked outside in my bare feet and jamies in a temp of 32. Dave did not come right home from the hardware store. I was able to find very dirty moving blankets in the garage and a wagon to sit in...2 hours later he arrived...happy to say I do still have toes!

liniecat said...

Oh best this will all be character building, if you survive with your sense of humour intact!
I wish you well lol : )