Friday, January 18, 2013

Transfering a Design to Dark Fabrics - Tutorial

I'm working on some black blocks with white embroidery. There are several blocks, with different designs. Here is how I've done the transfer of the design on to the black fabric.
  Supplies used: My bath powder puff (It was Elizabeth Taylor Passion...but that was used up long ago, so now it is just plain ole baby powder), squares of Kona black cotton fabric, white chalk marking pencil, large needle, and design printed on standard printer paper (see first photo too).
  Step One. Pierce the design about every 1/8th of an inch along the printed line...with the large needle.
  This creates a type of "punch design" on the back.
  Step Two. Center the design on the fabric square, and rub the powder puff all around on the paper. You can tape the paper to the fabric if you think it might slip (do this if the design is large, for sure). There doesn't have to be a lot of powder on the puff...if it is one you normally use, there will already be plenty of residual powder left in it. If it is new, then apply powder to the puff before you start to rub over the paper design.
Step Three. Gently lift off the paper design, and working along one side...begin to "connect the dots" by tracing the line. Don't try to go from dot to dot to dot...just draw as you would normally. Pay close attention to the design...because if you "mis-draw" have to camouflage your mistake in the stitching phase...because the caulk pencil is not easy to remove. It is possible to remove...just not easy. So, take your time. Don't rest your hand over the chalk...or it will smudge. I'm right I start at the lower right corner of a design and work upwards...rotating the fabric as I draw. That way, my hand is always to the outside of the chalk design or over an area that I've already worked.
Step Four. Shake off the excess powder.
Your fabric is now ready for your embroidery.
There, that wasn't so difficult!
Here are some more designs finished up and ready to stitch.

When stitched, I'll show you how these turn out.


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