Thursday, February 14, 2013

Calendar Error Alert!! Please Read!!

 My apologies!
Today, a friend contacted me to let me know that my 2013 calendar has some mistakes...on the calendar pages. Apparently, it was VERY late when I checked these template calendar pages against my Microsoft 2013 Calendar...back in 2012 when I was designing it.
Why? Because I have added dates to some months! Thankfully, all of the months DO begin on time, but some run too long...overlapping with the next month. So, please make sure to go and update these too long months if you already have a calendar.
Also, I seem to be having trouble typing my "20's...cause I have some numbers twice, and the required number not at all". Geez!
Thank you so much Shelley for helping me out with this by letting me know that there is a problem!! Sending huge cyber hugs to you!
Now, I can't change what has already been printed...but, I have changed the file with MagCloud so that there won't be any more problems (assuming that they send out the correct file).
I am more than willing to send a pdf file to anyone who has the original calendar and would like an electronic version of the new one. It can be opened and used on your computer...or you can print it out. Just send me an email so I can reply with the file attached.

 Again, my sincere apologies!
Sitting here with loads of egg on my embarrassed!


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