Saturday, February 9, 2013


Well, what a couple of days I've had lately!
Nothing too dramatic...just boring stuff mostly.
I did manage to finally get the drapes done for my brother, and I'm sure he was glad about that! I learned that black fabric makes a wonderful catcher...for every human and dog hair in my house! And for every fuss ball, dust particle, and piece of thread off of my sewing room rug!
My laptop has been super slow. And no, it's not a virus or such. I keep it equipped with software to stop that kind of stuff...even though I still am tormented with spam on my email and blogger comments...which annoy me to no end. problem is that this little cutie (see I'm talking may be listening...) is an older model...with only a 32-bit processor. Now, when I got it...I had no idea if 32 was a good number or not.
It has about 2GB of RAM...which is nothing in today's market of 8GB normally. This means that large downloads of "updates" just take up so much has to be "cleaned out" every now and then.
So, about a year ago...I went to Office Depot to see if more RAM could be installed. The technician opened her up...(I about had a heart failure)...and pronounced that there was an empty I could add another 2GB of memory. Wonderful! Let's do it! I paid the about $50 for the extra card and he installed didn't "take". After another 30 minutes of trying to figure out why...and checking his techie manuals...which said that the card should work. He finally determined that the processor speed was the problem. The memory of 4GB could not be "read" by a processor that would only handle about 3.2 (or really 3) GB...hence the "32" part of the 32-bit.  There were no memory cards for 1GB on the I was stuck.

Instead, I purchased an external hard drive "notebook"...(about $100...but they took the $50 un-usable card back...thankfully) which holds about 150 GB...limitless to me!
All of my photos (including all of the CQJP and Blog stuff), my documents, and large programs not sit there...and I direct my traffic to them at the "H" drive, instead of to my normal "C" drive. This speeds things up considerably.

Now, for the problem...some programs, sites, etc...just don't give you the option to change the drive you want "stuff" to go to. So, every time I update these softwares...I get more stuff on my C drive...and have to go in and manually move it to my H drive. I spend a couple of hours yesterday doing that. Then, I spend a couple of more...transferring other files. Then, I ran some cleaning software and also decided to de-frag my C drive to get things in a better "alignment" so to speak.
All little laptop got a workout...about 6 hours of constant moving, compressing, adjusting, etc. Most of this time, nothing else could be only checked my email between "events"...which was about every 2 hours or so.
BUT, the good news is that my baby (see, another nice term) is purring...and happy!
My latest boring drapery project is done!
And, I'm designing some silk ribbon project ideas for you!
So, if you have read this entire boring are in for a treat soon!
Okay, even if you didn't read'll still get the treat.
Now, I'm off to go stitch the example I just finished designing!
Come back and visit tomorrow...and it will be almost done I'm sure!
Hugs, hope everyone has a great weekend!


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