Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Grid Templates Available for Free

I'm working on a new grid template idea, for making more elaborate seam designs that are based on a simple grid. So far, there is a set of four templates based on two types of grid. Accompanying the template sheet is a set of worksheets that can be printed for "doodling" your own seams. 
Then, use the template to mark the corresponding "holes" based on the grid you have chosen. Complete instructions are in this pdf file...and I'd like to see what your thoughts are when you use these. 
Here's how the above seam looks using this new grid template:
This is similiar to how you would stitch on a papercard...without the card, but with "pencil dots" to mark where the appropriate holes are for your needle placement.
I'm interested in your feedback after you try these templates.
Thank you.


Suztats said...

Thanks Kathy!

Rose said...

Thanks Kathy! As soon as I get a new printer (mine broke) I will give these a try. I'm always interested in ways to mark my seams so the stitches are more even.