Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paris for Darlene

 My work on Darlene's block "Je T'aime Paris" is complete. After writing in the little journal, it will be in the mail tomorrow toWilma in the Netherlands to finish up.
The lamp post is my most favorite part of this block...and I did not stitch that (wish I had!). Cathy K did...and it is so wonderful!
 My contribution were some seams (sorry one is so blurry)...
a charm motif...
 and a poodle embroidery motif.
I also did some general stuff like attaching a ribbon that Darlene has sent along, and a piece of accent trim below that piece.
 There isn't a lot of space left for Wilma to work...but, I'm sure she'll come up with a beautiful finish for the block that will just be gorgeous! Her work always is!

1 comment:

Marjolein said...

The poodle looks so cute, modish and very prudish. The right attitude for Paris.