Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pin Cushion Design (PCD) - One

This design uses silk ribbon for all of the flowers and leaves. The wrapped roses are 7mm black edged rayon ribbon and the French Knot gathered roses are 13mm wine silk ribbon. The stab stitch leaves are 13mm green silk ribbon and the detached chain (lazy daisy) leaves are done in 7mm bias cut varigated green/brown color silk ribbon.
Then 3mm dark blue crystal bicone beads and green crystal montees have been scattered around the flowers to add some sparkle.
As with all flower designs, you could also change these roses out to a different style and/or type of flower head that you might enjoy stitching; add some feather stitching or some springs of French Knot babies breath; change it up and make it truly your own design.
Here is the design and the reverse for marking dots on your foundation fabric (optional). If you right click the image above and save it...it should print the correct size at 100% and fit on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. The outer "dashed" ring should measure 4 inches across.
Also, I strongly recommend that you always use a hoop when stitching these Pin Cushion Designs to keep your work flat and help keep it neat. A hoop that has the bottom ring wrapped in some scrap strips of cotton or seam binding will help you get a nice secure piece...and greatly reduce slipping of your background fabric while working.
Here's some extra information for you, that might be helpful.
Spider-web or Woven or Wrapped Roses: See instructions in the SRE Basic Stitch Guide for working these.
French Knot Gathered Rose: Anchor your ribbon to the back of your work and needle up in the center of your rose location. Hold the ribbon in your left hand and your chenille needle in your right hand (reverse if you are left handed). Wrap the ribbon around the needle a couple of times (clockwise) to start a French Knot...then, point your needle downwards aligning it with the center of the ribbon as you hold the ribbon straight. Pierce the ribbon about a half inch below the twists...and continue to pierce the ribbon ever half inch or so...in an up and down motion until you have gathered the ribbon on the needle. 
Now, pierce the fabric about where you first came out with the ribbon.
 Pull the ribbon through...and the french knot will be formed on top of the stacked folds of the ribbon created by your gathering. Pinch this little flower and "spin it" with your finger tips...and a nice little ribbon rose will appear. 
Anchor your ribbon to the back of your work.
Anchoring Ribbon. Take a tiny stitch to the back of your foundation fabric...but, not through the top fabric. 
Now, before pulling the ribbon completely out...pierce the last one inch of ribbon and pull. This creates a little stitch on the back of your work...without a knot or excess bulk.
Ending Ribbon. Simply lace the ribbon under some prior embroidery stitches, ribbon stitches, or between the foundation and top fabrics and cut.


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