Saturday, March 16, 2013

Corset Lady Continues

Yesterday, I worked to finish the third block in the Jingle quilt...and as soon as I download and resize those photos, I'll share them. Today, I'm working on the overstitching on my Corset Lady for Wilma's Paris CQ Block. I started with the brown outline, now I'm filling in the design areas with black split stitch.
This might seem "backwards"...but, if I had started with the black areas first...I would not have know "where" to put my outline stitching...cause the entire shape would have been black.


Annette said...

Love seeing how you go about your work Kathy and you and indeed so talented and thanks for taking the time. xoxoxo

Annette said...

Annette again, I wanted to say thank you also for the CQ block site, it has, for me, a place to do and show my newly found art. I have a reason for creating it now and thanks so much for this site also. xoxoox