Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jingle BOM - Applique Block #1

This is the month for hand-applique it seems! I'm trying to get the Merry Merry Snowman quilt top done, and working on Erin Russek's "Jingle" Block-of-the-Month quilt as well. 
 The Jingle BOM started in January...but I didn't start until the very end of February...and the 30" center medallion took some time to complete. So, I'm playing catch-up to get the monthly blocks done. The first one is about half way done.
  I have all of my applique pieces finished and ready to stitch down...the leaves were easy to get ready. Just trace the pattern reversed on to freezer paper, press that piece to the back of my fabric, trim 1/4 inch around, and them fold the edge over and tack-baste (gather outer curves and clip inside curves). The tips are folded down, then each side folded over and tiny tacking stitches hold my basting in place.
The red-bird took a little more planning...and some basting through all layers, including the freezer paper at the sides where the fabric was clipped to allow inside curves to happen. 
 The bill has a black piece stitched on top of the red...on top of a gold corner for the bird's bill. 
The black was wrapped to the back at both ends and tacked down.
 The birds and berries are stitched on; and tomorrow I hope to get all of these leaves attached.
  The first couple of leaves are already stitched down. I start by going around one end, up one side, around the other end...then I stop and pull the paper out.
Then I press the now-empty leaf back down and continue to stitch all the way around. I need to repeat this about a dozen more times tomorrow....and this block will be complete.

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judy423 said...

love your quilt--do you leave the freezer paper in when you applique it down?