Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jumbo Ironing Board Cover

See my new ironing surface? No?, then open your eyes...hugs!
My brother Mike agreed to cut a piece of wood for me...measuring 24" by 60"...from a piece of OSB Plywood he had in his wood-pile. He just finished a large remodel. 
 He used my ironing board as the guide and attached some pieces of scrap 1x1 boards to one side. They were placed just outside the shape of my ironing board so that the larger padded surface would sit on top of the ironing board...using it's legs for support.
 I covered the other side with 3 layers of batting...wrapped around the edges and stapled...then a double layer of cotton sheeting, also wrapped around the edges and stapled.
 Now, I have this wonderful huge ironing is easily removed and stored against the wall...when I fold up my ironing board. Inexpensive...and a huge plus when pressing out quilt tops! (Wish I had it for those dang draperies I just finished last month!...of course, pressing them is what made me "think" about needing one), all is well that ends well!
And, with the "left over" scraps of batting and fabric...I also covered an old extra wooden shelf...and have a mini-ironing surface to put next to my sewing machine...or I can move it to my work table.
Simple...wrap...and staple!


KatieQ said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your ironing board. It looks like a great idea. You're lucky to have a brother who is handy.

Melody said...

Very clever.

Pamula said...

Your muse been at it again? It helps when you have a brother that can get it done. This has been a long day for me. Got to get better. See you soon. hugs, your friend

Pamula said...

Your muse at it again? Wish mine would wake up, I need to get to doing something. See you soon