Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can You Do The Funky Chicken?

Remember that dance?
Well, I was trying that all day yesterday...almost threw my hip out!! 
The entire day was filled with chicken blocks as I fused my way through the remainder of the blocks...and got them all finished...and more!
In total, there are sixteen blocks...for a really large quilt.
Some you have already seen on the blog...here are the rest of them.

And, this is the fabric I'll be using for the sashing. It will help the chicken's to hop right off the quilt.
This is another of FatCat Patterns block of the month quilt patterns.



NancyB85374 said...

The chickens are beautiful, and so cute..what a wonderful quilt that will be. Love your choices of colors.

liniecat said...

Lovin those chooks!!

Daisies and Dandelions said...

Those are absolutely adorable. I agree, i also love the colors you picked.

Melody said...

Brilliant pattern and you have done a fabulous job