Sunday, April 28, 2013

Have You Missed Me? I've Missed You!

My little mini-vacation to join some good friends on the HGTV Message Board for a mini-retreat in Alabama...was such a good time. But, I did miss my daily posts with you! I tried to talk to you on Thursday, but the wireless connection was so slow...I could not get a single photo to upload.
Now, I'm back home...and tired...and can't wait until I can see my dear friends again!
Part of the time we worked hard!

Part of the time we partied hard!
There was a lot of stitches put into my Merry Merry Snowman quilt (yep, this is me!), and I only have one more block to go and it will be all appliqued! I'll share some photos of the finished blocks when I get a moment to put the button eyes on and embroider the arms of the snow-people.
We shopped at the Ashland Quilt House and the Heart to Heart Quilt Shop...and look at part of the stash I purchased. Can you tell that I like this fabric? I had no idea that I had purchased the same package of 5" squares at each shop!! Do you ever do that?
 While at the quilt shop in Asland, a man/woman delivered a beautiful rocking horse to the owner. Her mother was so pleased that she had to take a little ride herself...she is 97 years old!
I had to have a photo...hope I have half the energy she has when I'm 79...much less at 97!!!

Time to start unpacking all of my dirty clothes, fabric, projects, and such!
See y'all again soon.
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