Thursday, April 4, 2013

Muse Wanderings and Paris

Well, I've allowed myself to get "distracted" the laptop and virtual shopping for fabric! Didn't buy anything yet...just looking and comparing. I feel as though I have wasted hours of valuable time...but my muse has a quilt in mind...and just can't decide on what palette is the best selection!
I did manage to get her to sit still long enough yesterday afternoon, and part of last work on Wilma's Paris block some more.
 I made some decisions...yeah!
Marie Antionette could be the inspiration for this cameo lady...and Wilma provided the Dior ribbon. I placed this vingette in the top center...and trailed it to the left to help break up the long linear seam in that area.
All of the work in other areas of the block were making the beautiful little perfume bottle...already stitched...kind of lost. So, I added some lipstick and a beaded necklace that holds a fleur-de-les focal at the end. This also turns the large lace enhanced seam into more of a table skirt...IMHO.
Next, I tackled the blank area in the bottom right...and the blank area at the bottom center of the block. I decided on a trailing trim of lace hearts under the punk style "PARIS" keys...trailing to the right into a lace heart with love doves....and roses. This area represents love and romance.
Still have a couple of more things to try and bring to the block...but, it's almost ready to go home!
I'll show you the entire block later...when it is you can see how everything "fits" together

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Wilma said...

WOW, this looks beautiful Kathy, love everything you did! Thanks in advance for your beautiful work!