Friday, April 12, 2013

What a Night...

We had a couple of thunderstorms roll through last night...and they contained lots of lightening strikes. One of those apparently took out our local sub-station...right before dark.
Let me tell's hard trying to finish bead fringe on a cabachon with only two little flashlights for light. See the dark around the light...that's what my house looked like inside. Pitch black!

I managed to find my only candle in the house...then my flashlights and batteries before the sun was completely out of the sky. But, after light at all. No street lights, no moon, no stars...nothing. It was creepy. Buddy and I went to bed early...he would not stay in his doggie bed, and had to get up on mine. It was hot...and really hot with a large dog next to you! We opened a window a little, and that helped. But around 3:00 a.m. the power was restored...and I was gladly awakened by the television coming back on.
I'm tired this morning and waiting for Mother to get up...and coffee to be available. But, I'm glad that she is getting some sleep...and am sure that she needs it.

Here's how many cabochons I've still got to do...but not today. Today, I'm working more on Wilma's block for the "I Love Paris" round I've finally determined what else needs to be done...then it will be ready for the mailman to take to her!


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Susan said...

Hi those cabochans are so cute, I have never seen them, what are they made of. And the pics on the oval shape is just adorable.