Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Floral Passion

Okay, my muse went just a little too far this time. I spent two hours last night taping this together. The design is about 45 inches across and 55 inches tall. Too large to deal with all the printing issues...but, wouldn't this be a wonderful quilt! I might just try to attempt it in this size anyway.
But, for marketability...I'll have to get it on fewer sheets. The largest I can get printed sheets for is 17 x 22 easily (and cheaply). That size is a good wall hanging or medallion for a lap quilt. If I print in across four pages, it would be large enough for a bed size medallion...right?
Think I'll have to try printing out a smaller size (more taping pages together) and see if that would be a scale that I like enough to proceed. Here is the design in color markup...isn't it pretty? Can you imagine how that would be in applique...perhaps with some hand embroidery to accent...and some additional bits of lace butterflies, dragonflies, or embroidery fairies?
This is a long-term project...and has to go to a back burner because I have to get back to my CQ Round Robin block and my upcoming CQ Class and my Merry Merry Snowman Quilt top and...the list goes on!
I need a keeper...and a helper too!
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