Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Wasn't Going To...But, I Just Can't Help Myself!

Early in the 90's I fell in love...with hand applique. As work, then grand-children took up more of my time...I tried more fusible (quicker) methods of applique...but, they never really "took". In my opinion, there is absolutely just no comparision between the two. I tried to fall in love with fusible...really I did. I "converted" the fusible method to a form of shadow make it more palatable. And that did make the transition seem somewhat better. 
I had a pattern company in the 90's that focused on shadow applique patterns...florals, fairies, angels...and odd/ends. But after a divorce...half of my team was gone...and I just didn't want to do design work any more.

The patterns already done are used for current classes for the technique; and I did create two other small sets (hand drawn without Illustrator work) for the HGTV Group classes. Working on crazy quilt designs lead me to create my own workbook...which meant that I had to learn Illustrator (which my husband always dealt with before).
This year...I started working again on some hand-applique quilts (Merry Merry Snowman and Jingle) with purchased patterns of other designers...and that has put me totally back in the mood to do my own designs for regular applique again. And with my new Illustrator talent...I have the confidence that I can do this for myself and by myself.
 I am so glad to have that desire back again...thank you Lord! 

So, anyway...I digress. The real point is...look what came in the mail today. My first rough draft of my first hand-applique pattern! It is printed on 11x17 full size...which I love. The center medallion is so large that it will take nine sheets taped together to get the entire "picture" together. But, the cover is almost okay...just some tweaking of the photo and verifying the size against the layout when printed.
Aren't the colors of the print so pretty!
The full size sheets will have to be put together to check them properly...but they look correct at first glance.
The full size pattern sheets with layout, color guide, and pattern pieces (reversed already) are looking great! Each section has it's own little mini-flower in full color for reference too.
Next, I will write the instructions for layering the flowers together and completing the design. And, I'm going to include a "general tutorial" of the method I use to create my applique...because it's a little different than other methods. When you've been around a can pick-and-choose what works for you from a variety of techniques...and combine them to create your own way of proceeding. So, I'll share mine since it works for me so well.
Then, I have to find some hand-applique stitchers willing to test the pattern...and THEN it will be available for sale on Etsy. So, I had thought about NOT sharing this just yet...but, I just could not wait to tell someone. And who better to share with than my bestest cyber buddies!
p.s. (My muse has 3 more designs started in, there is no stopping her now!)


Wendy said...

congrats Kathy! I can hardly wait until the pattern is ready. It looks so beautiful.

Unknown said...

You excel at everything like usually. Those flowers looks very nice and you make thinks to look so easy (never done appliqué in my life but now I would like to give a try).

Threeundertwo said...

Those look wonderful! I love that the patterns have color guides right next to the pieces. Really valuable.

Amy in LA said...

Wow, is there nothing you cannot do well, Kathy? The design is just beautiful, and it looks like it is well drawn to avoid lots of unnecessary points, etc. I bet it will be a big success! Good luck in your new venture-Amy in LA