Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monochromatic Round Robin - Mary's Block Begins

My friend Colleen, is hostess for a monochromatic round robin over at the HGTV Message Board group. I'm in a group with three other lovely ladies...and Mary's block is the first one I have received to work on. It's an interesting blank block...which doesn't exactly fit the monochromatic style perfectly since some of the blue/green fabrics have some very obvious yellow in them.
My first step on working a robin is to gather ideas and supplies. Mary has requested a beachy type of I hunted the internet for simple ideas that could be good inspirations for embroidery work. I found a starfish, sand dollar, sail boat, and surf board/palm tree. These are not the correct scale or the final idea...but are enough to get my muse a thinking!
So, stay tuned and see what my muse and I finally decide to do...because right now, I'm not sure at all what that will be. The block and the supplies need to sit and mingle and see what the final combination brings.
Edited to Add: Here's an updated photo with beads added to the design "pile of stuff". no attention to the cream/pink strawberry was in my hand with I started pulling beads and charms. I laid it down and forgot about it...until I saw it in my photo! Geez...where is THAT Keeper!!


Melody said...

I'll enjoy following this project as it grows

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

What fun! Love the colors.

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love the colours and all those yummy goodies to play with....:)