Monday, May 13, 2013

New Designs for Whole Cloth Miniature Quilts Available

Do you like to work on white work embroidery? Do you enjoy creating whole cloth mini-quilts? Have you tried the latest crayola or colored pencil work using solid quilted blocks of fabric? Well, you might want to consider these ideas for the two new quilting design patterns I just loaded to PatternSpot.
The first is titled Circles and Swirls.

The second is titled the Sun, Moon & Stars.

Here is the back story: "I love Sharon Schambers." There, I've said it...and I'm not afraid! Sharon is of course a master quilter...and far from my own talent or aspirations. I don't even do machine quilting. However, that doesn't stop me from admiring her masterpieces. So, when I saw on QuiltShow blog that she had a video tutorial on how she creates her quilting designs (available until 30 Jun 2013), I just HAD to watch. As a matter of fact...I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning...watching all three episodes...back to back. SO inspiring!! The next day, I had to try my hand at it too...but, with my Illustrator software instead of gridpaper and pencil. These are the first two ideas I came up with. But, I am still excited...and still working at my third design! Tomorrow, I'll have a freebie design for you...simpler than these two...but, I think you'll like it...especially if you like owls! Hint, hint! Hugs for to get back to work!


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