Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ooops, You Almost Got a Boob Shot!

Aidan is my camera "person" for this picture...so, I'll have to just close my eyes and be thankful that she is here to help me this week. 
I'm a Great Aunt...to several little wee folk. Here is the latest one...this is my Great-nephew...he is 7 weeks old...and I have him all to myself Monday through Friday now while him Mom and Dad are working.
Aren't I a fortunate gal!
My stitching through the week is in the evenings and my blogging is early in the morning and in the evening too. I fit small projects in while the baby is asleep. 
I love little babies...they make me smile (most of the time).
Aidan did really well helping today...except when she thought she was going to change a wet diaper...and "unwrapped" to find MUCH more. She ran for the bathroom...leaving Nana to handle the details! The next event was when she learned that little boys work like lawn sprinklers sometimes when their diaper comes off!
He got her Nana good however so his aim is right on target!