Friday, June 28, 2013

Feedly vs Bloglovin

As you have most likely already heard or read about...perhaps even dozens of times...
the Blog Reader part of Blogger is scheduled to go away in July. This means that if you follow many (or just one) blog in your'll loose you're ability to read them in July.
This means that you will need to go back and "find" all of your favorite blogs again...and import them into another type of reader service.
OR, you can import all of them now. Which is a lot faster and easier than finding them all over again.
Basically, there are really just two (IMHO) choices for a new reader...Feedly or BlogLovin.
Both are great, for different reasons.
So, I went hunting to find the real scoop...and read a lot of reviews. The most comprehensive review was over at: Nosh on It...posted back in March.
Here is the link to the full post:
But, here is the wrap up copied over for you
QUOTE: "In general, Feedly is a great Google Reader alternative if you:
  • Want an easy way to transfer  your Google Reader folders and subscriptions.
  • Want customizability over the layout.
  • Browse quickly between posts and don’t regularly read from original sources.
  • Regularly use a mobile device to access your subscription content.
  • Frequently share content to a wide range of social networks.
If you prefer something simpler and more familiar, then Bloglovin’ could be for you. Bloglovin is a good RSS service if you:
  • Use Tumblr and/or Twitter and like their clean, minimal, familiar layouts.
  • Use Internet Explorer 8 (but please… it’s time to upgrade!).
  • Primarily read your content on your computer, since the app (Android app at least) is sluggish.
  • Haven’t spent a lot of time grouping your subscriptions in Google Reader and don’t mind manually categorizing them in Bloglovin’.
  • Want to share your list of subscriptions with other people and discover new content through the Bloglovin community."
So, whichever reader you choose...the important thing is to transfer the RSS Feeds and Links to each of the blogs you follow before July.
And, in case you are wondering...I use Feedly.

Edited to Add: I downloaded the free Feedly app to my Iphone today...and now can read all of the blogs I follow right on my phone. So, I catch up a little while having coffee with Mom in the morning...when we aren't chatting...or when she is on her phone! My Mom's house is "grand central station" for the family, and there is always something going on!

So, whatever feed you decide to use...just add "" to your list of blogs to read, or follow on Google+ Friends, RSS Email feed, Bloglovin, or Feedly...Hugs!


NancyB85374 said...

I have been using both Bloglovin and Feedly to see which one I like best. Feedly works best for me; easier to use (for me); it has an app for my IPad.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Already following you on bloglovin' :D