Sunday, June 2, 2013

What a Busy Weekend...You too?

This was a good week at my house...Aidan had a nice visit. I looked forward to a quiet Saturday where I could get a lot done...but, the rest of the family had other ideas. We had a family yard sale on Saturday...and it was just hot and muggy outside too! By late that afternoon, I was drained and not in the mood for much of anything that required me lifting my arms!! Ha!
Heat and I do not get along well.
So, that day...nothing much got accomplished.
Today, I finished up a flannel blanket for Brady. It's a simply little batting.  The front is pieced flannel blocks (leftover flannels from other projects) and the back is a solid piece of striped blue flannel.
I just needed something that would be cool...not like a heavy quilt or fleece. The purchased flannel baby blankets are just too small to carry him down to Mother's house in...his feet keep coming out the bottom.
Then, I did work a little more on the Block of the Month from the Elefantz E-zine Volume 2...and like how the center block is shaping up. Just need to stitch around the fabric fusibles and it is done.
Lastly, I'm now working on beading more cabochons...and will continue these next week when Brady is here...because I can stop-n-start anywhere on these at a moment's notice.
Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Have you started any new projects lately? 
Edited to Add: The baby quilt is quilted. I did simple "in the ditch" stitching in one direction. It was secure enough then, so I didn't go in the other direction to create the squares. This project was fast and easy to handle. If you try it, I'd suggest you make a slightly larger seam allowance than with cotton fabrics...I used the side of my open-toe foot...which is about 3/8 of an inch. Press seams open and you'll reduce the bulk in those areas too....I did, and like the way that the flannel lays nice and neat.


Jen said...

I really love that, its just what I've been wanting to make. How did you quilt it, or did you not have to?

Holee said...

Love the baby quilt. Never could figure out why they make baby blankets too small for real use.