Friday, July 5, 2013

Journaling...when I can stay awake...zzzzzzz....

We have had some light showers for the past week...and more rain is in the schedule for the next week or longer. Morning showers and late afternoon/early evening thunderstorms...Yuck! I'm in a perpetual nap level of energy...just zapped out! Hard to get motivated to create doing things that don't take a load of brain power. Like journaling some new crazy quilt seam combinations. But,
what I "need" to be doing is punching holes in those 30 mini-template sets for my class next week. Sssshhhhh, don't tell's my little free giftee to each of them.
That is, if I can get my behind in gear and punch all those little holes!
If you are a dear friend...could you give me a swift kick please?
But lightly...just a little luv tap...

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

I know all about the energy zap - we just returned from two weeks of holidays on the west coast with our kids where we were on the go every day. We've pretty much done nothing but sleep since we got home! No time (or motivation) to be creative!