Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cabs and Lace...

What a week so far...very busy! And, I'm not even having to get any children back to school this year...
Brady continues to be a joy every day...but his poor dad has worked late almost every day...which of course, means that I work late too. It has made me more tired than usual...guess I'm getting older! Hugs!
I've been working on these purple cabochons while the baby sleeps...but he has been taking power naps (short ones) and I do more putting down than picking up beads it seems. I managed to finishe the two large crystal ones...but the purples will take a couple of more days perhaps.
The camera is not capturing the purple very well...but, it is purple.

This afternoon I decided to dye some lace. 
After it dries (in a couple of days perhaps) I'll hand paint some accent pieces and get you some closeup shots.


Unknown said...

Hi Kathy I love your cabochons love the colour. Have fun with the lace. Joy...NZ

Amy in LA said...

Kathy: I always love seeing your cabachons-they are so pretty! My hubby and I are picking up & caring for some young friends' first grader this year- know what you mean about not getting much done... I love your lace. What type of dye do you like best and where do you get it? Thanks for a happy start to the day! Amy in LA