Sunday, August 11, 2013

Embroidered Laundry Label

Yesterday, I made more laundry soap. I had give away ALL of the earlier batch I made...and now, my sisters, Mom, nieces can all get into the fun of creating their own (very inexpensive) laundry detergent.
The batch I made for stored in a re-cycle container of baby powder formula (these are starting to stack up...and are so neat that I hate to throw them away).
So, I decided to use them to organize things...and for detergent etc. But, how to keep them from getting confusing? I decided to use a general idea from my friend Jenny of Elefantz...and create a wrap for the container. Each purpose will have it's on "label".
I searched the internet for "laundry embroidery design" and got tons of photos of prior projects and ideas...and liked this little vintage duck. So, I added him to some basic words...and will create my wrap from this basic design.
When finished...sometime next week probably...I'll show you the final result.