Thursday, September 5, 2013

More CQ Round Robins begin...

Last week, I got some crazy quilt basic blocks constructed and mailed off for two new round robins.

Fans will be a do-it-yourself-block of 6" size. There are five ladies in the robin, with me making six. I created six blocks, and each of the ladies will embellish one block all by themselves. Can't wait to see what they do with the "fan" theme!

Encrusted is the next block theme. For it, I created a large block of different upholstery weight fabrics. I'm thinking that the block needs to be extra sturdy to hold all of the stitching and 'stuff' that encrusting a block entails. It's a bit different than my usual blocks, but I really love it. After all the stitching, I'm also thinking that bits of the upholstery designs will 'peek out' and just increase the movement of the block design. Hope I'm right.


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margaret said...

it will be great top see these blocks when they come back to you embellished and hope you will show the ones you embellish for the RR