Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bird House Quilt Begins!

I'm done with the first embroidery block in the Bird House Village Quilt. Mine will be stitched in blues! They will match nicely with  these two shades of blue fabric. These and one solid white (like the embroidery blocks) will create the triple Irish chain center blocks, and I'm hoping to get some of those done this weekend. 
I'm starting a count of embroidery blocks completed to keep me motivated. There are twenty-eight blocks needed for the queen-size quilt and I'm sure to get tired of stitching on them. But, a few at a time and before too many months have passed, they will be done! After all, I can't finish what I don't start...no matter how long it takes me! Ha!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Blue is an excellent choice (at least in my mind, because it's my favourite colour). Looking forward to seeing this evolve.

margaret said...

I do like the embroidery being used with patchwork, being an embroiderer first, must have a go and doing some myself and not just admiring what others do. The blues work very well together

Anonymous said...

Love that pattern for the first block. It made me smile. Bluework chain - that is right up my alley of preferences!