Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scissors, scissors, scissors...

Today, over at pigtalesandquilts blog, Thearica posted about her thirty-two pairs of scissors...and about her friends at Kens Sewing Center where a lot of hers came from. Well, I don't have 32 pairs...but, I too have many more than I would have guessed!
Above are my yucky paper cutting scissors...and they cut tape too which makes a couple of them gummy.
These are my project scissors for hardanger work, crochet, applique, and embroidery and I keep them in a cup or with the project I'm working on. There are two pairs "missing" that are shaped like little fairies...but Aidan probably has them with her things...and I was not going to attempt to sift through all of her toys, books, crayons, etc. to find we won't be counting those in this hunt. The brown handle ones came with my old Pfaff sewing machine some 30 years ago. And the one in the middle folds up so you won't jab your tote bag when carrying them! The ones I use most often have little fobs hanging from help me locate them in my project containers.
These are my main scissors. You will note that there is only one pair of dressmaker scissors. They are Gingher, and I've never needed any other. Of course another pair just like them would be great! My little gold embroidery scissors are also Gingher. One pair I use almost every day and the other is my spare, never been out ot their box.
And these are my most recent purchases. They will be giftees and are so cute in their black on white and white on black handles. Total for me is 21 many do you have?
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