Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Odds and Ends

It seems so strange to be working on things, and yet not have much to blog about. Recently, two blocks were created for friendship quilts...but I can't share the photos. I'm working on a gift swap for Christmas...again, can't share the photos. While at retreat last week, I also designed a monogram set, a couple of embroidery motifs, and did some other "behind the scenes" things for Stitchmap...but, can't share those either. But, I'm getting a lot done...honestly!
There is some progress on my Birdhous Village Quilt...two of the twenty-eight embroidery blocks are now complete...but a long way to go. There's so little time for "myself" projects these days.
I'm working on Alice's Encrusted CQ Block...and have a lot more stitching to do before it mailes out on the 15th of this month. I managed to add a little pink/silver tree to it while at retreat.
And some basic swirls for silk ribbon accents...
And a piece of lace trim all ready to be beaded.
There are also a couple of seams to be stitched. Some trims have been added, but mostly they are to save two seams that had begun to "unsew" themselves. One of my pet peeves is when seams are trimmed...always a mistake in my opinion. I can't count the number of "open" seams that I've had to cover or applique down in round robins I've participated in. Oh my soap box now...and back to work on my giftees for the exchange.
Once my little Christmas Giftees get completed I'll be back working on this CQ block.

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margaret said...

you are certainly busy with lots of projects, love the CQ block, maybe one day mine will look a bit like yours