Monday, December 9, 2013

CQJP2014 Blocks Constructed

For next year's crazy quilt challenge, I'm working with octogon shaped blocks and square setting blocks. My blocks all have fairies silkies in the center, thanks to the generosity of a wonderful artist and cyber friend...Annette. Fairies are a very special topic for Annette, who does wonderful watercolor can check them all out at her website ArtImagesByAnnette or on her blog AnnetteGraves. They are just wonderful. 
These are a few of the blocks, as I could not stop piecing them! In total there will be sixteen octogons and squares. There will need to be more squares made, but they are super quick...just one piece of fabric, ha! The challenge of the squares is that the stitching area is only about an inch of space! Not much stitching goes into an inch...and I'm thinking just a wee bullion rose might be enough...perhaps different colors for each block?
So, you'll be seeing the progression of these blocks as the new year begins...for now, it's back to stitching on the blocks for this year which are not finished yet! I'm thinking that it will be late into next year before I get this year caught up!
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