Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fan Block for Shelly

These colors are not my normal pastels...but they are festive and make me think of dancing. Well, of other folks dancing...as my own efforts are not very festive...more like "somebody get a doctor". These are the colors requested by Shelly for her set of fan blocks. As you can see above, I'm only laid down some base stitches and trims so far. Lot's more to do. But, today...I thought I share the other blocks already stitched in this set of round robin blocks.The ladies stitching before me have done a great job and I'll try to create a fourth fan block that works well with their fans.
This one was stitched by Ritva in Finland. She has very delicate stitching and I love the orange and yellow tatting piece!

This one was stitched by Colleen in Nebraska, USA. The symetry of her work in this is just beautiful and I'm wishing I had a bucket full of those lime green buttons.

And this last one was stitched by NickiLee in Massachusetts, USA. She used some really pretty trims but my favorite part is that button cabochon...(yes, you know I love those!)
I'll be back with more when my stitching is completed.
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