Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simple Nine-Patch Started

A member over at the HGTV Message Board Group was looking for help creating a quilt for her Aunt and Friend now living in Assisted Living. She asked for blocks of any style, and indicated that her aunt liked teddybears and strawberries. Well, I had a piece of pretty little dainty strawberry fabric...and looked for it for three days...but never found it. (Sound familiar?)
But, I found a second piece of strawberry that I didn't even remember owning. (Again, sound famliar?) It was in a stack of fat-quarter bright fabrics, so I think that I must have gotten in during a swap of fabrics. Anyway, it is really bright...that yellow is like a school bus yellow.
Thinking that it would over-power any other blocks being created, I searched for a matching fabric in the stash...and found a green and a white tonal. So, decided to do an entire that the strawberries would not be 'gauty' but spring time and pretty instead.
Here is the design I sketched out...looks like a real mess doesn't it? 
Ha, that's how my muse works...just  hit and a miss at an idea and she's off and running.
I'll show you the finished patchwork when will need borders I'm thinking...but my cyber friend will deal with that before she quilts is. A red border I'm thinking...

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margaret said...

these fabrics work well together I am sure your friend will be delighted