Sunday, February 2, 2014

Boy, am I busy!

I know some of y'all must think I've left the country or something...but nope, just busy as heck! And here is mostly why...Brady has learned to crawl and pull up. No more setting him down on a pallet to play why I stitch...nope...he is busy too! Here he is, going after one of Buddy's nasty yucky chew toys...his favorite actually, the squeeky skunk.

But, I retrived it just in time and threw it to the window seat. Here is Buddy, just his rump in frame, heading to retrieve it. And Brady wondering "what happened? I almost had it?"

 Come on...isn't he cute! Even if I am just a proud great-auntie. He also has a good set of lungs and believes that growling and yelling "Aaaaaannnnnt" is the way to call me to get him up when he wakes or wants something. He'll be a little red-head handful of trouble when older for sure!

And, this greeted us last week. This is my front porch and steps. No getting down this way yet, had to wait until it stopped and then sweep and put out ice. I still stayed upstairs, but at least someone could get up the steps in an emergency.
The snow is was beautiful! But, it came way to fast...and way to much for our southern roads to deal with. Standed thousands of folks (perhaps even millions across the state) on the roadways trying to get home or to schools. The schools were open as the streets were clear in the morning. But around 9:30 they announced closures; and around 10:00 tons of folks were on the roads to get their children...but the snow was already everywhere and ice was beneath that. Loads of parents could not get up to schools that sat on top of hills...and many schools had to keep some students overnight. The teachers did a great job of taking care of the kids...but the parents were upset at not getting to them for sure. Even little Brady stayed with me one night because his mother was stranded at work for several hours in the evening. It was safer for him not to travel...and then Dad could concentrate on getting to Mom in their four-wheel-drive truck. I didn't mind one bit that he was here for longer!

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