Friday, February 21, 2014

Nana Alert!

Aidan was here this past weekend and when she went home there was a little note on my pillow that said "Look on my bed". And on Aidan's pillow was this note. 
Just made my day!
It says "Thanks for the love and care that you have gave (given) me for so long!"
Her handwriting is actually better than mine...which is horrible after 30 years with the Army and always writing in a hurry it seemed. Her verb tense needs some work...but for ten years old, I'm not overly concerned because she speaks better than she writes. We had been working on class Valentines which were not given out on Friday because most of the students forgot them...having missed several days of school that week for weather...and not being reminded to bring them.
The note just made my whole week better. It is on my bulletin board now.


gpc said...

What a sweet note! Grandchild-love just melts my heart. :)

Holee said...

She's a great kid!

margaret said...

how lovely to have this on your pillow, my granddaughter is 15, they grow up far too quickly!

Pamula said...

Love your table and love that Aidan came this weekend. That note is priceless. Hope you have a blessed week. Pam

Pamula said...

Love the note and your table. Wish I would find a note pretty soon. Have a blessed week. Pam