Sunday, February 16, 2014

Velia's Block Continues...

You probably think this is the longest working round robin block ever...but, I've just not had much time this work to dedicate to it. And, yes...there is a lot of work going into it; but I would have been done had the week offered more stitching time. Of course, I also keep deciding the parts planned need 'more' like the spider web. My first thought was the web and spider...but, this is the lightest patch of the block, and really draws your eye there. So, it does need more 'interest' I'm thinking...and will add some vines/branches with leaves before putting the spider in.
This area of the block is finished...and I'm quite happy with it. Alice already stitched two very pretty seams, but when I put my 5-prong seam overpowered her previous work. She was so gracious and agreed to let me add some more stitching to her seams. So, I put in some straight stitches, couching, and beads to her Chain Stitch seam. Then added some detached chains and bullion roses to her adjacent seam. Some beads were added to the wine trim with the gold sequins...and this area become done to my liking.

The gold fabric at the side of the block was too large to stand alone and too small to put a motif in because that would conflict with the gorgeous ribbon seam work Colleen had put in. So, I decided to stitch a simple background lattice and add a dragonfly and some small seed beads. It's enough to fill in the space so it doesn't appear empty but still does not conflict with the seam a matter of fact, I think it enhances it.
The bright gold trim on the opposite side of the block needed some stitching to help anchor it down a bit...and keep it from being so glaringly present. There was a little space to work in, so I added a simple seam with some seed beads.
The lace motifs now all have some beading added. There could be more even, but the 'feel' of this block is opulant, lucious, and too much will not be good...even for an 'encrusted style' block. At least, that's my thinking.
Next, I have silk ribbon work to add...and finish those leaves in the spider-web...and add that spider. So, the next time you see this should be finished. Hope you are enjoying the show...I'm sure enjoying the stitching!



margaret said...

there is to much to see and admire here, remember to put another photo on when you have added to the spiders web

Liz said...

This block is so stunning and opulent.