Saturday, May 24, 2014

Any Ideas?

Okay, I have a slight problem...and need your advice. But, before we get into that...this is part of what my time has been spend doing lately...picking up dry dog food. For some reason, Brady loves to get into Buddy's dog dish. I've started picking the water bowl and dog food bowl and putting them up on the counter...but this morning, I forgot. What is so attractive to a 13-month old about dry hard dog food bits? (And kitchen is galley style, small, crowded...and the towel is because my dishwasher leaks at the door seal. Hugs.)
Well, anyway...I've been busy. Now one thing that I had worked for the past couple of weeks are my thimble holders...and thanks to those already having purchased one from my Etsy shoppe. I need to do more. I'm using this plastic liners as the case...
So, I went looking for them on line and could not find any based on my size measurements of about 1.25 inchs tall and across. The industry is more concerned with the volumn of 'stuff' it holds...and not the size. So, I guessed on some based on the photo. Yep, I was wrong...
Here is what I got. Now, I could send them back as they are way too large for thimble holders.
But, they are just so perfect in every other way. So, maybe holders for rings? Or little miniature sewing kits? Any ideas? These are about 1.75 across and tall. Now, that doesn't sound very big...but is about the size of toilet tissue cardboard roll across...but not as tall of course.
My muse needs, please ask your muse if she has any to share. Thanks...and hugs!

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